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Delete Your mugshot from Search Results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL to clear your name online.  We offer fast and affordable services to delete mugshot records and arrest information from over 251 websites and counting.  


If you find out that your police mugshot or arrest report is exposed online contact us ASAP and we'll get it taken down quickly and discretely.

Permanently Erase Online Arrest Records 

We combine our experience and expertise to provide the best possible solutions to erase criminal mugshots from the internet fast and discreetly – this is what sets Delete My Mugshot apart from other sites claiming that they can remove your mugshot from the web.


Find out more about us, the principles we work by, and the leading minds behind our company.

Prevent Mugshot & Arrest Publications

The proprietary processes that go into Delete My Mugshot's mugshot removal service is a surefire way to erase all criminal mugshot photos and arrest reports from the internet and search engines.  When we devised these processes we left nothing to chance.  That's why we guarantee that we can get your mugshot(s) removed regardless of which website they appear on or how long it's been online.  Learn more about our mugshot removal services.

We were pleasantly surprised with the affordability of the mugshot removal services, the dedicated customer care staff and how fast Delete My Mugshot was able to clean up my arrest info.

Martha D.

We guaranted mugshot removal services will erase your mugshots and arrest information from the internet by getting it unpublished from over 300 mugshot websites, arrest search engines and local news publications.

Delete My Mugshot has developed long-standing and trustful relationships both with the websites from which we remove mugshot records and the individuals for whom we remove mugshots.  


We're continually taking measures to improve our processes and services by adding to the lengthly list of websites from which we can immediately delete mugshot photos and associated arrest reports.  When it comes to knowledge and experience, the trusted team at Delete My Mugshot is second to none. 

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