Delete My Mugshot
Delete My Mugshot

FindMugshots com is just what it sounds like, a website that allows internet users to search for and find mugshots of people that have been arrested in the US.  The site is well known in the industry because of a major lawsuit it was involved in.  Since the lawsuit has been forced to change it's method of monitization.


Still, continues to publish and profite off people's arrest mugshots.  



Remove Mugshots from FindMugshots com

Even before the changes to FindMugshots' removal policy and opt out process, Delete My Mugshot had negatiated a deal with the websites admins that provides us with the fastest and most affordable possible way to get arrest reports and sheriff mugshot photos deleted from and deindexed from Google Search.


We've removed thousands of mugshot pictures from and we can get your FindMugshots com mugshot removed today.

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